Fair Trade Work Place

Fair Trade Workplace recognizes the importance of solidarity among all workers in achieving a more just world. When your workplace chooses Fair trade certified coffee and tea, it has a positive effect on people’s lives every day. In addition, this action allows farmers to receive the fair premium that can be invested in the development of their businesses and communities. These investments include access to drinking water and better health centers. The designation encourages people to keep in mind the true value of labor and the cost of production.

Obtain the fair trade workplace designation


A fair trade committee must be made up of staff and management who commit to an ongoing commitment to the designation of fair trade Workplace.

Product availability

A fair trade workplace must demonstrate the availability of fair trade certified coffee and tea and a third product from another category such as sugar, chocolate or bananas.

Visibility and awareness

The Fair trade workplace must promote its commitment to fair trade by having information and promotional materials available to employees and visitors.

The Quebec Fair Trade Consortium informs, mobilizes and mentors the workplaces wishing to obtain the designation. For more information about this service, contact us at the following e-mail: [email protected]

The Fair Trade workplace is a Program of Fairtrade Canada, managed in partnership with the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and the Association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCÉ).

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