Conference service

The Quebec Fair Trade Consortium offers several conferences to groups wishing to learn more about fair trade. To know the terms of this service, do not hesitate to contact us by email: [email protected]

Several themes are available:

Fair trade versus conventional trade


√ Take note of the different charters of principles of fair trade;
√ Define fair trade;
√ Become familiar with the 10 principles of Fair Trade;
√ Understand the difference between the fair trade and conventional coffee route;
√ Set the Fairtrade minimum price;
√ Define the Fairtrade Premium;
√ Become aware of the effects of fair trade in developing countries;
√ Myths and realities of fair trade;

The world of fair trade certifications

Learn to get tangled among fair trade certifications.


√ Differentiate product guarantees from organization guarantees;
√ Learn the different factors of analysis of different certifications;

The movement in Quebec and Canada

Learn about the history of the Fair Trade movement in Quebec and Canada and the various existing networks.


√ Knowledge of the fair trade movement in Quebec and Canada;
√ Knowledge of different existing fair trade networks;
√ Knowledge of different programs, events and opportunities for involvement in the Fair Trade movement;

The role of women in agriculture and fair trade

Equality between women and men is a very important concept in fair trade. Learn more about women’s roles in agriculture and fair trade.


√ Knowledge of the situation of women in world agriculture;
√ In-depth knowledge of the 6th Fair Trade pinciple;
√ The effects of fair trade seen by women;

Fair Trade and its benefits for the environment

Choosing fair means choosing a healthy environment. Learn more about how fair trade takes care of your environment.


√ Identify fair trade criticisms of the environment;
√ In-depth knowledge of the 10th principle of Fair Trade;
√ Knowledge about organic farming and fair trade;
√ Knowledge of peasant agriculture and fair trade;
√ The example of Kenya roses;

A practical case: The El Palto cooperative in Peru

Offered by Distribution équitable, this conference shows you the concrete effects of fair trade for the producers of the El Palto cooperative in Peru.


√ Knowledge of the direct effects of the fairtrade premium on the small producers of the El Palto cooperative in Peru;
√ Learn about the improvements in the quality of life of El Palto producers over the years;
√ In-depth knowledge of farming methods employed by El Palto producers;

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