Fair Trade Faith group

Fair trade Faith Group recognizes churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other faith groups that demonstrate a strong commitment to fair trade through their congregations. The goal is to bring people from Faith group together around a project that uses their passion and thirst to help others to create a more just and sustainable world.

Obtain the Fair Trade Faith Group designation


A committee must be formed of both members and leaders of the congregation who are committed to providing ongoing leadership in the designation of a Fair trade faith group. The committee must:

√ Include one (1) leader / administrator of the religious group and two (2) members of the congregation on the committee.
√ Be responsible for the fair trade designation by meeting the criteria, which includes completing and submitting an application.
√ Meet at least twice a year to plan and evaluate the fair designation. A smaller representation of the committee should meet more frequently to carry out the committee’s duties.
√ Complete and submit a short online report with photos each year (July 1 deadline) to renew the designation of Fair Trade Faith Group;

Product availability

Fairtrade certified coffee and tea and a third product of a different category (eg sugar, chocolate, or bananas) should be made available to members of the group and visitors. All coffee and tea served in the establishment of the religious group and at events outside the establishment must be Fairtrade certified.

Visibilité et éducation

The Fair Trade Faith group must promote its commitment to fair trade by having informational and promotional materials available to members of the congregation and visitors.

√ Hold at least one (1) outreach activity per year;
√ Ensure that fair trade engagement is visible to congregation members and visitors by using public signage;
√ Communicate information about fair trade on the religious group’s website as well as social media and the newsletter (if applicable);

The Quebec Fair Trade Consortium informs, mobilizes and mentors the faith groups wishing to obtain the designation. For more information about this service, contact us at the following e-mail: [email protected]

The Fair Trade Faith group is a Program of Fairtrade Canada, managed in partnership with the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) and the Association québécoise du commerce équitable (AQCÉ).

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