André Jalbert, President and CEO of L’AMIE

Economist by training and a graduate in administration, his expertise and experience are based on more than 30 years in management, governance and recovery of cooperative and organisations. He has been a member and president of L’AMIE since 2004. In addition, he acts as a resource person and board member for more than a dozen organizations. He participated in several SOCODEVI missions and was involved in 1985 in the beginning of its operations.

Marc-Antoine Dionne, member

Marc-Antoine has always been involved in his community. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Laval University in 2012, he has since worked as an engineer on several projects in the Quebec City region. As a member of Engineers Without Borders, he joined the Quebec Fair Trade Consortium in 2017. For Marc-Antoine, fair trade is an exceptional opportunity to concretely improve the living conditions of workers and producers everywhere.

Jean-Marie Déhaye, Distribution équitable

Since 2002, Jean-Marie DEHAYE has been involved in Fair Trade with Distribution Solidaire, a non-profit organization based in Sherbrooke. In 2009, Jean-Marie DÉHAYE created Distribution Équitable, which carries out the mission of marketing their products (ELPALTO Coffee, sugar and chocolate) in the North American markets. Distribution Équitable is in direct contact with producer associations, which enables it to promote true community development, by ensuring, among other things, that they receive a fair price for their work.

Guy Lefebvre, AVES

Having held leadership positions in organizations in Quebec City, he is now an assistant in training and internships at AVES since January 2017. He has worked in the community for a good part of his life.

Opal Lancaster, membre individuelle

Formerly with the network of fair trade shops Ten Thousand Villages, Opal has been trading Fair Trade for several years. Prompted to better understand the behavior of consumers who buy fair trade products, Opal is pursuing studies in consumer science at Laval University in Quebec City, where she is involved with ULaval Equitable Campus and Quebec Fair Trade Town.

Angèle Sauvageau, member 

Retired, she has been involved in various volunteer activities, particularly with Carrefour Tiers Monde (now known as CESIQ), she has been a member of the Carrefour Board, the Auberge l’Autre Jardin, has sat on some committees and for 10 years, he managed the Equimonde Boutique, which sells fair trade products, which also led to the organization of various promotional activities, and the values inherent in Fair Trade are in line with her social concerns.

Marie-Claude Linteau, Cégep Garneau

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